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Of Starers: It’s Typical Monday morning, on my way to work. I’ve got my whole “serious boss lady outfit” on.  Mentally planning how I’m going to dominate the weekly staff meeting and pitch my ideas. Not particularly a morning person, my mood is surprisingly cheerful for half past seven. Pharrell’s “Happy” playing through my headsets is probably the reason for is. I haven’t once made my impatient you’re going –to- make- us- late call to my work mate.

I’m still waiting; I have since received a text from my workmate informing me that he will be arriving shortly. Traffic is flowing rather slowly and I understand why my workmate hasn’t arrived yet. Wow, Pharrell must be doing something right for me to ignore my zero tolerance policy to waiting for anyone longer than 5 minutes. Something has been bothering me while I’ve been standing here. The drivers and passengers all seem to be staring at me.

A series of paranoid thoughts go through my mind;

  • The whole town must have been was taken over by zombies last night. I knew shouldn’t have ignored the urge to watched the news before I left the house.
  • Perhaps my “serious boss lady” outfit isn’t all that I think it is. But its black you can’t more serious than that. This going to be like Black Friday all over again when my decision to wear a black t-shirt on casual Friday got me as many stares as I’m getting now. Various groups of people last year chose wearing black attire on Fridays as part of their campaign against the some of the government’s policies.
  • Maybe my fly open (no dumbass, you’re wearing a dress)

The staring continues, men, women and children of various ages all looking at me. Some are extreme and continue staring even after they have driven past me. That’s rather dangerous is it not? You would think common sense and the very 1st driving lesson would be enough for a person to remember to keep their eyes on the road.

Is it conscious? Do they mean to be that nosey? Or are we just brought up to be in each other’s business? Do these strange things only happen to me? We all do it, I do it too, but I believe there should be a 5 second rule. It’s either the idle curiosity or its ugly step sister nosiness. This is something I can honestly say I’ve been a victim of numerous times. I was once standing in a queue and received a text message. I then felt heavy breathing on my shoulder and the person standing behind me in a queue asked me what my reply to the text would be. Even worse, there is always the person in the supermarket who stares at you and then the items you have picked for purchase.

Honestly I do love my starers; I owe them a whole lot. I have since come up with a grand business idea to take staring to another level. A talent show, show casing the best eye balls this country has to offer. Please tell all known starers I can put their talent to good use.

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starers competition

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  1. whenever i catch someone randomly staring at me, i turn around and obviously start staring back at them. usually they get embarassed and look away… funny post though.lol. enjoying your writing

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