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Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds)

Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds) This is long overdue. My inbox is filled with questions, accusations and explanations from women after my last post  5 Ways Ladies can Forget about Seconds! . I’ve been called names like traitor, sell out and self hater…Ladies I never do anything without a long-term vision.I got you. I’ve taken into account all your contributions and joined them with my experience. I hope the men understand your explanations and I hope mine get to Douche Bag Central

Disclaimer: all my experiences are factual  I can’t speak for the other contributors. 

its International Women’s Day this Saturday, therefore Afro Ginger will be celebrating by theoretically burning bras all week.

1. Talking on the phone for long periods of time.

Afro Ginger :I’m guilty of this,I’ve done it once, but within good reason. My so-called date was laughing at the couple at the next table in the restaurant because the man was disabled.I was so embarrassed and kept calling my cab driver every 5 minutes to pick me up(I hate waiting). The rest of the time I called other people to avoid talking to him. I do not and will never tolerate any form of bigotry.

Readers: The man is boring so the woman is trying to get him to up his game. If you’re interesting and have something to talk about other than that she looks really nice in that dress.yawn She already knows she’s pretty.

2. Constantly IM chatting or updating social media.

Afro Ginger: He keeps talking about how great he is, how he always buys beer for everyone or how much money he has, please. Real money doesn’t talk about money. I’d rather sit there and check the stats on my blog, or let the new found love for twitter blossom.I’ll tweet with ✡Paul Kruz Official✡ so he can review my next post,check the state of the Zambian Economy with  Economics Bad Guy  and Be@s Review  for latest local and international music reviews. ( shout out to you guys for all the support!!)

Readers: Again yawns Have an opinion about something, as much as she would like a doormat, she prefers men with interests and ambition (not what you wrote on Facebook. she already stalked you silly, how do you think you got a date?)

3. Totally ignoring him to talk to the friend you just bumped into.

Afro Ginger: Unnecessary familiarity. you’ve got my attention, then you mess it up by invading my personal space. I know I’m huggable and snuggable but keep your hands to yourself, it’s a 1st date.

Readers: He’s drunk to a point of slurring his words and she can smell the alcohol on your breath. if she likes you, she might be asking her friend for a breath mint, if she doesn’t ask her for a mint best believe she is cooking up a way to make an excuse to leave you . Examples “I have a curfew” (in the middle of the afternoon), “my neighbour’s cat just died” or “my cousin’s,aunt’s 3rd cousin on my grandfather’s side just came into town and I have to see them. family comes 1st”

4. Ordering food off the menu that you’ve never eaten and failing to eat it.

Afro Ginger scenario 1: I’ve lost my appetite after you introduced me to your friends as your girlfriend. You’re calling me Mrs (insert last name). you’re telling me what type of wedding dress would suit me and where would be a good venue for our wedding. That’s enough to put me off  food for a week. Taxi!!

Afro Ginger scenario 2: I like you and I’m so nervous I keep talking to compensate, therefore forgetting that I have to eat. That’s what doggie bags are for right? (yes, even stone hearts melt sometimes)

Reader: She likes to try out new things and she’s testing your Stingy Meter, no one likes a Scrooge. But then again, she wants to see what she can get away with.

5. Bringing your girlfriend(s) along on the date.

Afro Ginger: Strength in numbers, I’ve been asked to tag along or even randomly show up during a date. i never stay longer than thirty minutes. Usually it’s because she thinks he’s a psychopath  and wants a second opinion. I use this as a Guideline to screen psychopaths. He’d have an easier time at Guantanamo, especially with me tagging along . He will be tested, whether I’m there or not. .  That’s what women do,we analyze everything from the shoes you wear to the way you chew your food.

Readers: Most men can’t be trusted so she needs backup. She can’t stand being seen alone with you in public. So she wants to leave people guessing which unfortunate girl between them has been cursed to be with you in public. She may also want to test what she can get away with until he finally snaps.

Ladies, I have tried to fit in all of your explanations. Feel free to add them to the comments section. Like i said, this week its all about us.

Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds)

5 ways Ladies Can forget about Having Seconds

10 thoughts on “Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds)”

  1. The above reads like a script from an annoying spanish soapie.Especially the “ordering” an expensive dish you’ve never tasted and failing to eat,that just spells hoodrat alert.

  2. Chansa,They call it telemundo…,not that I’ve actually ever watched a minute of it,but women more often than not want to enact what they see and hear in soapies.Anyway,that’s besides the point,reading through your explanations,i can’t figure out why you women simply can not say what you’re thinking to the guy who takes you out on a date??

  3. Well wat can I say, sum guys r jus downright bowring u cnt help bt dash 4 ur fon every 10 seconds. I so relate with many of those scenarios ( esp th 1 wher nigga wanna talk abt wat his gt). Nyc AG

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