SPEED DATING REVIEW : One of my blog followers loved my dating posts and suggested I write about the Speed Dating event hosted by Real Life Matters Zambia.(RLMZ)

This was the picture sent to my phone by on of my regular readers



So I called the number, bought the ticket after work on Friday. I was not asked whether or not I was single, no background check, not even asked for my last name. I was not required to show ID to prove that I was over 23, even though I look younger. 😉

This exercise was purely experimental. I wanted to find out if speed dating works in Zambia.



I couldn’t find anyone else to be my guinea pig, I figured it couldn’t possibly be as bad as the experiences I mentioned in the Let Me Explain post. Like a good little researcher, I took a look at the on their Facebook page find out what exactly happens at speed dating. I had only ever seen it on TV so this was a first for me

Tina Banda (RLMZ organizer)wrote : it’s just 1 day to go for this event for the Singles event be it divorcees,widows or widowers.You are really going to enjoy this event.Don’t worry or think of how you gonna mingle with the other singles.we have it all planned out.Since the men are the ones who go out looking for women to marry,they are the ones we shall move from one table to the other.They will sit on each table for 10min.Make sure you chat or exchange numbers if you like each other.Dress nice and appealing.Make sure u feel confident about yourself.Its important to feel good.Be original,don’t fake anything.No one is interested in being with a person who can fake the whole relationship.Know what you want.we have this platform for you to meet fellow singles so be presentable too.Dress code is SMART CASUAL…FRIDAY 18 hrs at Edirnburgh Hotel

should their be anyone who needs a ticket,feel free to call 0965899643 or get them from edirnburgh hotel see emily 0977186024

We are more than ready to receive you and make u feel comfortable. We shall be at our best.

I’m glad to say I was not disappointed. I expected nothing and got exactly that, nothing. I arrived just after 9pm Central African Time , and seated at a table with two other women and two men. The turnout was average for a pre booked event in Kitwe; there were as many men as there were women. As I walked in there was entertainment in the form of a group of local artists and would you believe it they were lip syncing

you-know-what-weusnq  brace-yourself-ag

I was told  by the lady who sat next to me that the only thing I had missed was the speeches (why do Zambians insist on boring people with long speeches at events?) I was given a print out which had NOTHING to do with single people, it was written by the MC ,ALEX BASOPO KAZIMIRO (NJOVU) who is a marriage councilor his email basopo09@gmail.com or basopo2010@yahoo.com (you can ask for a copy of the print out he gave us for clarification. Here’s just a preview of what was on the print out:

Give your partner enough sex and participate actively during the act, we men enjoy being touched by our partners.

The whole print out was more suited for someone who is in a long-term relationship. It was completely irrelevant to single people.

*Anyone else interested can contact me for a scanned copy of it.

The music was so loud that I could hardly hear what anyone was saying to me. I and a few other people repeatedly asked the MC to turn down the music but our request fell on deaf ears (obviously because they couldn’t hear either). How was I supposed to find out if was worth my phone number or not?  The girls at my table were really friendly and I met one interesting guy. I think I was a FBI agent in a former life. What he didn’t know was that I checked him out on Facebook since he told me both his first and last names. He’s in a serious relationship so I wonder just what RLMZ did to check that everyone there was single. There was a member of a famous Zambian Male duo from Lusaka, who last time I checked wasn’t single either.

The food was a joke, and as I mentioned earlier the entertainment was way too loud. The MC kept on disturbing couples at tables by loudly asking them how they were finding their dates.  And to top it all off, one of the organizers took lots of pictures of people on their dates. I asked why she was taking pictures and what RLMZ were going to do with them she said “I don’t know, Tina just told me to take pictures.”


To answer the question “Does speed dating work in Zambia?” Yes and no, anything is possible if it’s well organized. Someone had been watching too many romantic comedies and did not follow through and to make matters worse, they had an article in the Sunday Mail written by believe it or not the MC Mr Alex (Basopo) Njovu  conflict of interest and the article had no research done, at all. The article claims they were no married people in attendance. Ha! I’m an amateur, not even a journalist, and look at how much I found out within 5 minutes of being there.  I”m sending Alex Njovu, Tina Banda and the rest of the RLMZ a link to this post . If anyone knows someone in Solwezi attending RLMZ’s next speed dating event, I suggest you let them read this article.


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  1. hehehe great review i think i see new careers in being reviewers for things, shows , events and even restaurants. this is a good review if organizers could read it may help them for future events

  2. The Event truly was a sham. I am honestly better off not attending another one of those. Some guys where drunk….if I wanna meet a drunk guy I will go to a bar,n a really awesome club if o I want is a face to look at and listen to music.

  3. Hmmm…. pretty good research you did. Maybe reason for all the incompetency is because speed dating is a virgin concept to zed, unlike the music awards which have no excuse. But with such constructive advice am sure the next sessions will get better. I like the fact that you stressed the point that people who are not single also rose to the occasion. I hope the organisers will have a rigorous criteria next time.

    1. “RLMZ executive director Tina Banda said in an interview yesterday in Kitwe that many singles managed to hook up their marriage partners during the event.
      “This is not the first time we are doing this, we organized a similar event in Lusaka recently where a lot of singles who were meeting for the first time gathered and they managed to hook up their partners.”
      that’s from Mr Njovu’s article in Sunday Mail


  4. Medard M Chilebela

    Your feedback is very important to us, as one of the people of RLMZ & who was part of the Singles events committee, it means alot to us & will help very to improve next time.
    Thank you!!

  5. Wow! I love hw u jus tackled the matter Afroginger. I feel like I ws there n I feel jus as disapointed as any1 who was there. I must say (it dsnt say in the blog hw much) bt the price ws quote high for an experimental gig. Wen ppl organize such things they must put enuf research (which I think ws not dne) n put in measures to see ONLY the ryt ppl r goin ther gosh!!!

    1. Alex Basopo Kazimiro Njovu

      Great observation ba Chansa Kapapula, you have raised important observations which we should all learn from. I am personally humbled ba Chansa Kapapula, Sometimes in life you need people who are going to point out your weaknesses instead of being surrounded by people who are going to agree with you always even when you are about to fall into a ditch. I have learnt something from your observations and I promise to be a better MC next time, I hope you will be able to accompany the team to Solwezi for a similar event. Good day and my God bless you abundantly in Jesus name.

      1. Alex if Afroginger agrees to attend this even at least give her a free ticket this time around. Besides she will be there to help you guys out if anything. Its only fair you pay for her expenses and let her help you make your future speed dating events become hits in future. That is just my opinion.

        1. wait this Mr Njovu is the MC and the Journalist? isn’t that a conflict of interest? Can he explain himself, thats professional misconduct. RLMZ should let Afro Ginger screen all the participants of future events. Can afro Ginger name and shame the married and those in relationships that attended last week’s event

          1. lets not get ahead of ourselves, the post was focusing on the event, not the participants, However if you want me to investigate a potential date, I can help you out

  6. i seriously agree with Mwizbex about the reviewing career. People in Zambia need a kick in the you-know-where,getting too comfortable with delivering mediocre events. plus, Mr Njobvu should really look into funding your next attendance for that much needed ‘third eye’. love reading your pieces missy.

  7. what does Tina Banda have to say about all of this? I’ve read that interview in the sunday mail, and no where are the participants quoted, did she provide feedback forms? questionnaire? anything ? mr njovu, what kind of journalism is that? no wonder no one reads daily mail

  8. what qualifications do they have to expertly ‘hook people up’? Plus I will echo the sentiments on criteria of individuals participating in this event. I mean how can you not even ask someone’s full names, what with all the psychos we have out there, I don’t think it would be great to find yourself on someone’s ‘blacklist’ after attending this. there should be more security for both male n female participants.
    On the fact that people met their life partners, if 2 people can form a relationship within the space of 6 hours on a Mazhandu bus from Lusaka to Kitwe, then I am sure this will work too.

  9. elizabeth mboneka

    from my own experiences in life, you can not hook up someone like that, people meet anywhere..you dnt have to put up an event…no wonder it was a sham….ges it was full of married men and women…dnt judge me..just my opnion….

  10. i just love your writing, you really are a fearless person, a voice for the voiceless…can you write about the useless relationship advice they give also?

  11. I have read this a thousand times over simply because its an on point review…no ducking or dilution of the truth…#clapshands I love the investigative timely journalist that you are…I saw some adverts for the lusaka event and I was so sure it was going to be a zambian event..by this i mean..trial with no research or consideration of important factors…to start with the flyers were for everyone..I can imagine how many married men collected these flyers at the traffic lights where they were being distributed…. what one needs to consider in trying to come up with such events is the advertising…it shud hit the target group..I look forward to Tina Bandas response.

  12. When I read the words, “Speed Dating” I just had to read it all and be reminded by Afro Ginger(on twitter she’s @cathychansa) of how disastrous it is in Zambia… Okay, it can work however, applicable persons and preferably soothing music & less camera flashes would assist to a perfect 10 min date… 😀 Nice, AfroGinger.

  13. Zambia is home to a lot of circus shows and this description tops the charts! I can imagine the agony of being a participant especially if you seriously want to meet someone worth your time (no married people or cheats). I assume they paid?..Sounds like a fundraising event for boy knows what ..lol.. Thanx for ridding us the need to experience it ourselves 🙂

  14. Oh WOW! And I was initially thinking how great that kind of event would be for single me here in Antigua. Oh well, if its that bad then you guys can keep it hehehehe

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  16. I have just discovered your blog and I am having a great time catching up on your posts! You write with energy and bring the reader to the heart of the moment. I think speed dating is a tricky event to get right, maybe they hold them in art galleries or museums in the evening, I have heart that works well.

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