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“I Have a Boyfriend”

“I’m sorry, I have a Boyfriend.”

I’m not gloating, I don’t do that. As a woman I cannot count how many times I’ve used this line to avoid being propositioned online or face to face . A lot of the times I’ve said this its been a complete lie (boo-hoo,sue me) Experience has taught me that telling the truth gets me accused of leading someone on or worse “offending” with the following responses:

“I like being single”

“You’re not my type”

“I think you’d fail any IQ test. Intelligence is a big deal to me “

“You can’t honestly expect me to take you seriously when you wear a Du-rag, it’s  2014”

“N**** ,please!”

But you know what does work?

“I have a boyfriend” As much as it pains me to say this, a man would rather respect another man than respect my  decision  to say no.

I know what you’re thinking, I shouldn’t have to lie, I think the lie is justifiable. Turning down a man has now become the difference between life and death , a man named Elliot Rodgers killed six people, and then himself. Why?  The women he had killed went to his university and had previously turned him down , they couldn’t  see how “good” he was, with his BMW and $300 Emporio Amarni sunglasses, so he killed them.At 22 he died a virgin.


This freaked me out in ways you couldn’t possibly comprehend, I’ve turned down my fair share of egotistic losers. But I feel the boyfriend excuse works as an excuse and to deter cat-callers in some instances.

For those that don’t know what cat calling is , it’s when a woman is wolf whistled or shouted at with so-called compliments by a man, usually in public. it is also known as street harassment.

I  define cat-calling as an irritating thing immature, misogynistic male Homo sapiens do to get a female attention, usually in a group of fellow immature males.

from my research cat calling may happen in many languages but at the end of the day, no matter which part of the world you come from, women still get verbally harassed for no reason at all. The following are cat calling scenarios for my slower readers that may still have no idea what I’m talking about.

All scenarios involve a group of men and one woman.

1st example

CAT-CALLER: wolf whistles then shouts at female ” HI HOW ARE YOU?”

FEMALE:  “fine” walks past.


FEMALE: walks away quickly


Cat-caller and friends all snigger and laugh

2nd Example

CAT-CALLER:wolf whistles then shouts at female  HI

FEMALE: doesn’t respond, continues to walk away


Cat-callers friends all snigger and jeer at the female

FEMALE: still walking away

CAT-CALLER: YOU’RE JUST A ________ [insert sexist and/or derogative term here]


3rd Example 

CAT-CALLER: wolf whistles then shouts at red-head HI SISTER!

AFRO GINGER: I’m not your sister.


AFRO GINGER: So you would be attracted to your own sister? Just because there’s some incest in Game of Thrones doesn’t mean its okay in real life. That’s disgusting!

CAT-CALLER: confused. regrets ever talking to crazy red-head, walks away 

4th example

CAT-CALLER: wolf whistles then shouts at red-head “WHY ARE YOU IN SUCH A HURRY ?”

AFRO GINGER: ” Would love to stop and chat, but I’m going to meet my boyfriend. He’s a Pro wrestler”

CAT-CALLER My bad, you better hurry, wouldn’t want to keep him waiting ma’am

AFRO GINGER: smiles and  walks away. knowing full well she’d never date a pro wrestler!


I know not all men are like that, well at least the ones I know. I would love to hear from any female who has actually found catcalling attractive or flattering . What bothers me the most is that they have been a lot of witnesses to this abuse, standing there and watching it happen doesn’t  stop these things from happening, neither does using hash tags #YesAllWomen, #NotAllMen.  Shock us all and tell the cat-callers to leave us alone.


















5 thoughts on ““I Have a Boyfriend””

  1. Hahahaha 1st off those offensive responses r a killah. “Intelligence is important to me”. 2. I once in a blue moon luv to respond to a cat caller in a group, wif utmost stupid confidence. Iv noticed mre often than nt theyr jus gutless bastards who will shrink wen responded to cz due to their inferior minds dnt evn believe a woman wud eva respond. That said y shud we go round lying that we hv boyfriends jus cz sum idiot sumwher cnt tell a yes from a no? Gud lord.

  2. Well put!! I love it. This is one of those annoying situations where once they start talking to you, everyone’s attention (unwanted) is on you and all these men suddenly think they have a right to say anything about you. You did it again afroginger! Thanks for addressing this issue 🙂

  3. for me, just saying no works,like i have God to thank for this beautiful ‘f**** off’ face he gave me!! that cat-calling,childs play!! good read Ginger

  4. Interesting stuff, you just had to pick the worst kind of guy… what about that smooth talker that just brightens your day only 5 minutes after meeting… one that makes you laugh n smile moments after you meet?

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