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What’s That Smell ?

“Mum, what’s that smell?”

My three-year old daughter always asks questions you’re probably already thinking about. she asked me that question a couple of weeks ago when we were in Kitwe Town Centre. I knew what she was talking about, however at her age I don’t think she’s quite mastered how to never ever breathe in through your nose when in town centre.

Here are things about the lovely city grind my gears.


Sanitation in town centre. You better pee before you leave the house. I would take pictures and show everyone, but I’ve worked very hard to get this many followers. the only facilities available can give you toilet phobia. leave you wondering how all those street vendors relieve themselves. scary


Recreation. if you don’t drink, go to church or play/watch football there’s nothing much else you can do outside your home.there is a cinema. it was closed for years, turned into a church and now it’s back to a cinema. If you like the smell of cat urine and are friendly with rats. Bootleg anyone?!


Almost everyone is mad at something. they walk around looking like they are auditioning for a Spike Lee movie in the name of “kopala Swag” I really don’t get it. nobody’s smiling.


Eating Places. If you’re looking for franchised fast food places, don’t come to Kitwe. the customer service in most places will leave you wondering what you did wrong by walking into the place, but then again, everyone’s mad at something.


Jerabos. I’m guessing this is supposed to be the Kitwe version of Cripps or Bloods. this gang of men were known for bothering people of all walks of life. Though it’s died down now, I believe they seriously devalued the city.


City Planning. Blessed with a council that is great at collecting revenue but do very little to give us services we pay for. Typos on street signs wrong street names all together. I have personally asked council workers why it’s so difficult for them to do the jobs they are paid to do, but I’m met with excuses as long as my arm.


Incomplete Buildings Again, our confused council seem to think incomplete buildings,shopping malls are a decorative feature for the town. there has been a mall in construction at freedom park since i can remember. i can picture myself 20 years from now looking at the same uncompleted mall.


A clean ,safe , friendly city is some mythical paradise in the back of my mind.  I know some of the problems are not specific to Kitwe alone, Please comment with things you don’t like about your town wherever you are.





6 thoughts on “What’s That Smell ?”

  1. Kabwe… where do I even start! -No malls, no cinema. -Ony bars and churches (churches coming up everywhere, where do the money come from!?) -Street vendors own this city! -Taxis rule the streets! Trying to stay positive, looking hard to see the development that PF govt claims they are bringing…! :/

  2. Street adults are the biggest problem when it comes to in city crowding. There are two main categories:
    1. Coporate hookers _these have the ability to look sophisticated with a real pinch of hooker showing all over their faces. They shag your bosses in those old school closed offices for a little buck. Girl, get a degree. Its not that hard if you jusyt try.
    2. The Jobless Graduate _these are usually very religious with fake exagurated smiles who are usually better dressed than those of you who are stuck behind a desk and wish you could go on holiday. You don’t need to go knocking door to door hoping for a miracle. Sit your butt at home and patiently wait for your application to get a formal response.
    These people are worse than street kids.

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