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Familiar Ways

It’s that time of the year again. The fireworks are over, well for most of us (except those annoying few people who still think its okay to light them during the day). Christmas is gone and Santa, black or white (another post for another day) is in the North Pole. It’s also time for some of us to fool ourselves with resolutions that won’t go beyond the 3rd week of January.

1 Updating your résumé. This is actually a good thing; a lot of companies hire or look to invest at the beginning of the year. Good on you, if you actually achieved anything worth re-writing. You shouldn’t have to wait once a year though now is the time to get out into the big bad corporate word and make a name for yourself. Go with your gut. Always.

2 New Gym Memberships. The same thing you did at the beginning of 2014, you’re doing it again, you’ve bought gym equipment or you’ve got a gym membership for the whole year and you’re probably not going to use it. Again. Gyms around the world are making money on your procrastination.

3 Relationship Goals. It’s common knowledge that you’re most likely to dump someone at the beginning of the year. Most marriages and relationships end at the beginning of the year. Mainly because of all those “New Year New Me” fantasies we believe. So if you’re planning on dumping someone this month, wait until February and follow this guidelines;
Are you using that gym membership you paid for in January?
Are you following ANY of your resolutions?

If you answer no to the above questions and you’re probably not ready.

4. Quitting bad eating habits/ drinking . The Christmas holiday is synonymous with eating, and not very healthy food. A lot of our dietary resolutions are a result of Christmas dinners and binge drinking, things we may not have necessarily done throughout the year. Here’s a suggestion, eat and drink like it’s the end of the year, not the end of the world. Moderation, moderation and, yes, you guessed it moderation.

If you’re not born on 1st January, Your New Year actually starts on your birthday. So don’t wait for a calendar year to begin do whatever it is you want to do, don’t write a list of un-accomplishable resolutions that won’t last you into next week. Try using the Chinese calendar, change your perspective of planning

2 thoughts on “Familiar Ways”

  1. Yo Ginger. I must say everything about this article goes against what my 2015 is scheduled to be. I find it easy to make adjustments at the beginning of the year because its like the universal language. dumping friends mid year doesn’t really make that much sense but if you do it at year end they somehow easily just understand and blame it on the new year. So the reason why we all get optimistic at the beginning of the year is because that’s when every body is making them changes. That’s when new budgets are fixed. even a change of career is easy at the beginning of the year because that’s when institutions are enrolling. so i kinda understand why everybody is making the resolutions now cause that’s more like a reset button not just for us but for the rest of the “world”…. rock on Afro!!!

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