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1St Blog Anniversary

It’s been  slightly over a year since I wrote my 1st post, back when I didn’t have a logo or a Facebook page.  I thought I would reach 20 of my friends, we’d have a laugh and that would be it.

We’ve made some friends, some enemies, so here’s thanking all of you for sticking with us through typos, award nominations,  twitter wars.

There’ll be a serious house clean up around the blog, which is the main reason there haven’t been many posts this year, I do believe it will be worth it in the end.

Look out for the women’s day coming soon

 As much as I like attention, credit should go to the following as well in no particular order 

Chazi: my 1st follower, my twin, my friend, probably the 1st person I consult when I post anything, (yes you can blame her for typos too) it’s been real.

Mulenga: the Stimpy to my Ren, Having spent all these years doing crazy things with you, I think I may have overlooked thanking you for being a terrific friend

Julianne Obonyo: Thanks for approaching me to write for African Mbiu magazine, it’s been a challenge I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. thanks for believing in an ameture writer. I believe I owe you an article.

Mus Rox: I’m briefly out of “retirement”, may I be as fierce as you. Thanks for taking my blog stats to Qatar. I would love to write a feature of “This Week in Roxy’s Inbox ” has to be thing!

CC:  Caesar, thank you for keeping my twitter experience fun, you’re a beautiful person inside and out

Tweep gang: Even though I’ve left the group twice, i enjoyed every minute I spent with you guys, I’ll probably be back, when I can find a way to keep my phone’s battery life, y’all drain a girl’s battery

Kplus: Reading out my blog post and inviting me on radio, I appreciate taking this blog to other people who aren’t able to get access to the internet.

Mwiza:  Thank you for introducing me to Zedian Natural, without you I don’t think there would be an AfroGinger ( without you and YouTube vloggers)

Lengi: I haven’t ignored any of your blog post suggestions, you’ll see that come to pass soon, I promise and Happy birthday

Yalu: you have no idea how much you influenced the start of this blog, your shock/horror when I tell you stories is just classic.

Mwape: who would have thought we’d still be friends after about

Kunda: thanks for not freaking out when I randomly inboxed you, i was just excited that someone outside my friend circle was sharing my stuff online

Mweemba: I don’t know what I’d have done without your criticism, it has really helped me grow and understand that my way isn’t the right way,I hope we never agree on anything, (I know i still owe you drinks)

Mush: we don’t see each other as often, but I’ve never forgotten your initial support, it means a lot.

Chi Chile: The Patrick to my Spongebob. I’ll be needing help to search for the best burger, might as well make the most of  that bottomless pit you call a stomach.

Kelsey: My friend, thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I  don’t want to hear, you kept it real

Michael: If I’m not, you’re not…that is all.

Ms Kendra Foster: you’re work on D’angelo and the Vanguard’s Black Messiah was incredible, you are such a great singer/writer

Nigganature: your insanity, your lack of tact and all around weirdness makes you my favourite narcissist, good looking out on creating my logo.

My Empire builders: Barbara and Phyela, you guys rock! Our meetups are always fruitful and fun

Issa Rae: 😉 this is just an obvious shout out, I don’t know you personally but your web series changed my life!

Joulzey: the best blogger/vlogger there is

brown girl bloggers: thank you for listing me on your site and introducing me to other like-minded bloggers #SmartBrownGirls

Miller: Have you read that book yet?

Daniso: all your comments, votes, shares are highly appreciated

Cecilia: Thank you for being the friend that I always wanted, I always needed and I always deserved.

Stephanie: Yes, even you cuz, I’d trust your taste in music #AllDay

Aquila: I’d like to pick part of your brain, your fiction writing gives me goosebumps, we need more bloggers like you

Kampamba Shula: Every retweet, every favorite, every share, thanks for helping get the word out when I started. Contrary to your belief, you’re not a bad guy!

Vanessa: roomie/legal advice: girl, if we ever get sued, which I have a feeling we might this year, I plan to ruffle some feathers PRO BONO!

Afrotastic Hippie: I love your blog!!! and that manuscript you sent me will definitely be a bestseller soon. your attention to detail is incredible. Awesome is not fit a word to describe what you did with an Ipad in a very short space of time.

Namushi:We need to get back to working on that post, I have some ideas

Dumisani: my fellow blogger, you’ve helped me when I’ve had some serious writer’s’ block, thanks for always helping me stay positive, I’ll never forget your words


It’s taken me over 2 weeks to write this post and I don’t think I’ll ever fully express  my gratitude, do note that I’ve left some names out on purpose as I’ll be writing posts about their work individually  and in-depth so once again, thank you all.



4 thoughts on “1St Blog Anniversary”

  1. Yalumeta sondashi

    You inspire me soo much in everyway I can think of!i always knew you were a special rare case and everytime I read your blog it’s all cemented!im so proud of u!keep it up

  2. Haha I remember u preping for the 1st blog, we decided to eat good food for inspiration ( Chile n Kelsey ate more than us) n by the time I got 1st read I was so high. Seen AG grow into an inspiring blog, I itch to read more. Everytime. Keepit goin girl!! N I hope we get more awards this year.

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