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Audacity in a Blue Dress

The date was Saturday 11th April, the place was the Zambian Music Awards 2015. No this is not a review. While you were watching your poor quality live transmission courtesy of ZNBC, I was watching you. Yes, you.

Who am I referring to? Here’s a brief description:

  • Zambians that happened to have internet access on the night in question (11th April)
  • Zambians who believed they were channeling their inner Joan Rivers on an awards night.
  • All around haters trying hard to be trolls.

Enter Natasha, aka DJ Psycho Tash, the girl who nearly broke the internet that night. Everyone was going on about her dress and I deduced from tweets that she was wearing something like a Lady Gaga meat dress.  So she came on stage and this is what I saw:

DJ Tash

Luchi and  Psycho Tash

Tash on Fleek

Tash on Fleek

I’m not going to repeat the comments I read about the dress, but know that they were less than pleasant. Like I mentioned before, people were trying too hard to be Joan Rivers.

A young, confident woman working in a male dominated field has made enough of a name for herself to present an Award at national level, and she did it well. Which is more than I can say for another set of “famous women” who took what felt like 3 hours to read cue cards at a rate slower than my 4-year-old would read her bedtime book.

Tash presented an award with another DJ, Luchi and they connected with each other and with the live audience and the rest of us at home.

How dare this woman be smart, funny and beautiful on national TV! Everyone is watching, we can’t have that! The audacity of this woman to look better than us and speak eloquently! How dare she not fit in our narrow-minded, over-sexualized and misogynistic box of what a woman should be! Never mind that Bugzy’s tie looked a lot like the Mpelembe Secondary School uniform.( forgive me my reunion is coming up, that tie brought back memories)

Bugzy and his black, red and white tie

Bugzy and his black, red and white tie


She’s a woman, so her accomplishments don’t matter, only who she’s wearing.

From one crazy woman to another

Dear Tash,

You are KING QUEEN, Everyone wants to cut the legs off you, when you got the *Yams and from the reaction on the internet, you definitely got the yams!

*for everyone else who do doesn’t understand that metaphor, I suggest you watch Roots and listen to King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar, not in that order.


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9 thoughts on “Audacity in a Blue Dress”

  1. She got the yaaaams. There’s too much shade in our country. N like I said a thousand tyms before, social media will kill us all coz even the fool at the corner, with bundles believes his opinion will b highly valued.

  2. Lol Dj Psycho I like how the media is buzzing about you and your dress… your name is psycho you have to lv up to the name… I’d have been disappointed if you didn’t go crazy lol… anyway trust me people will always talk. Even if you wore a chitenge they will still talk… do what makes YOU happy… keep rocking.
    I love you and I believe in you 😎 #DjPsycho #NatashaCheweMulenga

  3. Too good, i am just gonna leave this place like i got paroled and i dont have to share the bunker with another man because i got parole…

  4. your blog left me in stitches.
    Sadly I missed her and Luchi presenting the award, started watching midway through the show.
    One day Zed will be a less judgmental place, where we will accept divergent thought and dress *I hope*

  5. She looked stunning. Pleased that I missed all the shade thrown at her and extremely impressed that the first I’ve heard of this is through this supportive article. People need to stand down and be more supportive of those who excel at something

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