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Drives you Crazy

This blog post is brought to you with the courtesy word of crazy, or what people I know call crazy. I’m called crazy a lot,  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been called crazy, I’d be on some Forbes’s richest under 30 list, seriously though it’s ridiculous. It’s reached a point where I thought the definition of the word crazy has changed over time. Perhaps it’s general limited vocabulary or maybe I really am crazy.  I’ve always thought every single person on this planet is different, but crazy? no

A couple of definitions from the Oxford dictionary

1. Mad
, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour:

E.g. she went crazy and assaulted a visitor.

  1. Extremely angry:

E.g. the noise was driving me crazy

 Below are instances where I’ve been called crazy, would readers please tell me if I need a psych evaluation

Me: tells a joke

People: you’re crazy

Me dyes hair and keeps it natural

People: you’re crazy

Me: I have a blog

People: you’re crazy

Me: give my opinion on anything

People: you’re crazy

Me: I’m a feminist and believe in women empowerment

People: you’re crazy

Me: * posts a selfie*

People: you’re crazy

Me: suffers writer’s block

People: you’re crazy

Me: sneezes

People: you’re crazy

Me: Coughs

People: you’re crazy

Medoes nothing

People: you’re still crazy




I could go on can someone, anyone please explain how the above make me crazy? There are so many words you can use apart from crazy; you can try some of these.

Out of the box, different, eccentric (in blog description), uncommon, unfamiliar, unconventional, divergent (not just part of book/ movie trilogy) antithetical, nonconforming, unique, peculiar, unequal, distinctive.

Yeah, please try one of those before you come at me with your “you’re so crazy”. I just know, somewhere, someone will call me crazy

*Instances where the writer was called “cray” (slang for crazy) may or may not have been included in her examples, that’s just her and it’s her blog; out of the box





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