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Shall not live by Bred alone

You’ll never guess what? Last night was the 2014-2015 Born and Bred awards. The weather is getting hot and I’m bringing the shade.


If you had the privileged to watch and I say privileged coz we know ZESCO have an alternate reality game called “Daredevil” commonly known as load shedding where gamers experience darkness from 8 to 12 hours.

I strongly believe my invitation to attend was lost in the mail after all the lovely things I said last year you can recap here

I believe the theme was meant to make the audience feel like they were in a photographer’s dark room or perhaps to make them feel at home by simulating load shedding. It was really was it dark in there.

We can talk about the Fashion statements but this isn’t a Fashion Blog. All I can ask is there a wholesale deal on satin? Please stay away from Satin, I’m not going to call you out individually but some of y’all were looking like you stole my grandmother’s curtains; just because Julie Andrews made it look cute in the Sound of Music doesn’t mean it will work for you honey boo boo.

The host, Andre Makulu maybe the picture quality was just bad but his suit looked like it was choking him. He was there, physically but you could tell he wasn’t into it. That was the most times I’ve ever heard anyone say the words “Ladies and Gentlemen”  The cringe worthy moment when he asked an audience member if he had seen any of his favorite artists and night’s performances should go up on YouTube. All in all André lacked finesse. The kind of finesse we’re used to when a certain DJ is hosting a better organized version of music awards in Zambia.


All in all the awards ceremony hasn’t grown from last year, but one thing the artists (not the organizers) did manage to distract us for a few hours from the bleak and depressing news we see every day. Being an artist in this country must be one of the hardest professions and they really tried. For a few hours we really did feel like we were One Zambia and One Nation. The comments on social media were hilarious, but also totally in snyc, so if you’re an artist don’t look at it like we were laughing at you, we were totally with you. We’ve also noticed the high quality of music videos you’re producing..as long as we don’t watch them on ZNBC


*totally unrelated a Special shout out to the Electoral Commission of Zambia. Your voter registration advert is imbedded in my subconscious since it was played sooooo many times.

all words are my own, kindly acknowledge source if you wish to use them. Thank you 


9 thoughts on “Shall not live by Bred alone”

  1. Lol, how can I plagiarize you now with such a disclaimer.

    You never mentioned the lip syncing, terrible chileya tribute, #Hatrage, and how Belinda Nafwa is still with us.

    If people don’t register to vote, then i don’t know how effective advertising is.

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