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Declaration of Love

I think , no I’m pretty sure that I’m in love


Y’all are not ready



Going deep in T minus















I’m in love with the word “OHO”

(False alarm Mum, nothing to see here)


I just love how it encompasses everything I want to say when I’m tired of talking. Yes, I actually get tired of talking. Yes it’s a thing, (look up tiredness, fatigue etc)

My life is so uncomplicated with the word oho. It is particularly useful when replying to texts but used in real life situations. I use it to express all sorts of emotions. Allow me to show you :

In real life

At the supermarket queue

Person: Excuse me can I cut the queue, I’m in a rush

Me: Oho ignores request



When I want to swear at someone but have to be diplomatic

Person: do you write tutorial blogs on eyebrow shaping?

Me: Oho over there, thank you


When your ex texts you

Ex person: I miss/still love you

Me: OHO!!!!!!!

Ex person: what does that mean?

Me: oho means Oho and oho ignores other messages and/or blocks contact

When you take part in the Hello challenge



When someone on my social media says Zambian women are gold diggers



Oho can express excitement too for example

When I receive that beautiful text from my bank when money goes in

When I wake up in the morning and realize its Saturday

When I dream up yet another insane hairstyle I want to try out

When I watch a new episode of How to Get Away with Murder

or, my favourite..

don't really care

don’t really care


Oho pretty much saves me from wasting a whole lot of time, incurring bad karma and helps me let go of things much quicker that I normally would if I get into confrontations or ask people why they do what they do.

Oho is deep breath in, deep breath out.

oho is my come back to everything.

oho loves me and I love oho.

Oho is my Aha Moment

Oho is bae.

Thank you for reading, have an Oho day.




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