51 Reasons Why We Love Zambia (Zambian Bloggers Special)

Hello world,

Zambia is celebrating 51 years of independence a few Zambian bloggers have come together to show you and to remind Zambians that with load shedding and an unstable currency we still have a lot to love about this 752,614 km² piece of land in Southern Africa

Uncensored, honest here are the reasons why we love Zambia

Afro Ginger

  1. We have unique names: Babies are usually named after their umbilical cords fall off the kind of names that just roll off your tongue
  2. Our story telling has evolved: history tells us that stories were told with people gathered around a fire, today you can listen to a good story while you’re on public transport
  3. We’re nosy; We can’t get enough of being in each other’s business, yes we’re in each other’s business, but most times its how we look after each other, a sense of community
  4. Cheap, tasty, most times organic street food; roasted maize (corn on a cob), roasted cassava, boiled cassava, raw cassava  I could go on, you can find something to suit your  pocket
  5. Mourning Rituals: We have an incredible respect for the dead, it’s almost taboo to speak ill of anyone deceased. We don’t wait for invitations to attend funerals we’re there when you need us, head scarves and Chitenge wraps are worn as a sign of respect
  6. While there are different classes of people, we all somehow get to mix with each other
  7. talk to strangers: we greet strangers in the morning, it’s only good manners to greet whoever you come across with , start conversations with them without batting an eye.
  8. We have more women in male dominated jobs: Yes, we still have a long way to gain gender equality. Yes we have a female vice president right now, but away from politics I’ve seen more women operating heavy machinery in mines to assistant bus fare collectors (conductors) they are much similar to the man and woman on our Coat of Arms, working together
  9. Zed twitter(not Zwitter), while twitter still doesn’t cater to our local trends, that doesn’t stop us from ranting, arguing with each other or finding great blogs, where I found the following:

Aquila from Let Aquila Speak. on why he loves Zambia

10. PEACE- Who hates peace?

11. Intelligence- Zambia has some really smart people

12. Culture- Zambian culture emphasizes respect; we have some of the best behaved children in the world.  Teenage crime is not rife.

13. Humility- Zambian people are not full of themselves. If anything, they do acknowledge that they lack behind in some areas. They don’t act like they know it all, they are ready to learn

14. Zambia is not fully mature and this gives me a chance to play a huge role in its maturity.

15. Zambian languages are funny especially Bemba. Have you guys seen Mwine Mushi? Lmao

Zambian people are funny.

16. For example, you may be a hero today and a villain tomorrow.  Today they love Chris K because he is scoring goals, tomorrow he misses a penalty, and they forget all he has done for the team or say “if he is the first to score, no one else will because Chris has charms”.

17. If Zambians have never called you a Satanist, you are not working hard.

18. Comments on social media never cease to amaze me. I am always there to read the comments on a mwebantu post.

19. If you die, Zambians will love you so much and praise you.

20. If you dress well and speak English in a white Man’s accent, you are associated with wealth.

21. Politics- Zambian politics are funny. The headlines The Post will give you at times are ridiculously funny. I remember one where the late Michael Sata said Rupiah was uglier than him or maybe it was Mr Banda who told him that, I stand to be corrected.  Some other headlines I have seen are those about H.E Mr Lungu that he has gained a belly.

22. Football- We won the Afcon, but before and after that hmmmm…..

23. Entertainment- Nothing reminds me more of Zambia than the music.

24. Nshima- because I love it. Don’t argue, nshima is boss

you can follow Aqulia on twitter MR 24th October. October 24th is also happens to be his birthday! Look out for his independence day blog post.

Mulonda AKA A Ratchet Gentleman . on Twitter and blogger at A Search For Prophesy .

Here’s my reasons I love Zambia

  1. Zambia is relatively unspoilt with plenty natural scenery between towns, no trip to Siavonga is complete without seeing the beautiful ghostly gray trees.

26.  Anyone can travel and settle anywhere in Zambia without fear of being killed due to tribe.Inter-tribal marriages are the norm rather than the exception.

27.  Zambian food is not as diverse as West African or East African, but it is tasty and near as natural as can be.

28.  We have a  wide variety within our limited variety foods.  There’s Mongu and Chama rice, different types and colours sweet potatoes, various bean, maize, cassava varieties. Even cows, goats, fish, pigs and bush meat are varied and tasty.

29. Zambia is blessed with 72 plus tribes, each adding it’s own unique and wonderful culture.

From Makishi, Nyau and Vimbuza dancers, to the many colourful traditional ceremonies.

30. Zambia one of few countries who’ve had peaceful changes of president. We could have done better in the handover processes, but in a uniquely Zambian way we have managed 6 presidents in 51 years, through the ballot.

31. Zambia has some of the most peaceful, honest and hardworking people.

At times our peaceful nature is taken advantage of by the powers that be, but it is a beautiful thing to live in a land where most people would rather compromise and dialogue than battle it out viciously.

The lovely Chipo Autumn had this to say about her love for Zambia:

32. It teaches patience – The numbers of queues we are made to endure are so many especially when I’m visiting a government office. Every time I’m visiting the bank I reach into my reservoirs of patience and manage to stand in a line for an hour. So see, living in Zambia makes you a better person because patience is a virtue.

33. The food is easy in the mouth – After eating lots of food from other cultures, I have come to conclusion that Zambian food is just right. It is neither too spicy nor too bland. It’s not too exciting but it’s not too boring either. I always come back to it after going on food escapades. It’s reliable. See how I talk about food like it’s a person? I might need help.

34. The food is healthy – You know how America is going back to organic and how it is really expensive? Well, Zambia is already organic. The lady down the street grew the vegetables she’s selling in her backyard. And most of our food combinations are quite ingenious for example vegetables cooked with pounded groundnuts (ifisashi) are a great way of getting protein, fat and fiber at the same time.

35. It is relatively safe – Zambia has its own share of crime but I don’t have to pass through a metal detector when going into the mall or church.

36. Concrete hasn’t taken over yet – Most other countries are concrete jungles with skyscrapers and buildings everywhere you turn. Here, you can spot dashes and stretches of green right in the capital city.

37. Our history and culture is rich – Our culture is fascinating and our history makes for better reading than fiction. So many tribes, so many stories, so much to learn, so much to see.

38. Our pronunciations – Sydney is Sidin. Edgar is Edigar. Ruth is Ruthy. You’ve got an English name? We’ll take it and give a remixed version. Oh and let’s not get started about the LR syndrome. It’s funny and makes most people laugh. But it’s an indication that people know more than one language which is always a good thing.

Be sure to follow Chipo’s blog and read her latest post on her favorite designers at this year’s Zambia Fashion Week

Ntamanyile Silwamba  of  Angels And Demons

ehem.. 39


40 We are a peaceful nation, but careful. We have copper bullets aka “Chipolopolo” our National football team . That’s Zambian lingo if you follow & they brought Zambia to a stand still,for real. When we won the AFCON.

41. I love Zambia because we are a Christian nation, peaceful & standing by that during every election.
& Our grandparents don’ t go to nursing homes, they continue with politics,with the same old tricks

42. I love how we are a free market economy. Thanks to all the freedom fighters & politicians who made sacrifices for me.

Ongani Banda For Business  expresses  patriotism by saying : 

43. I have not been all over the globe but I have read, seen and been with some people from across the world and Zambia has by far a different kind of amazing people.- You can never go a day in Zambia without meeting someone you do not know that will treat you like someone you have known since forever

44. See the lands around the main city that have areas that could open ground to the world’s largest fresh produce country, how the many alive have the ability to learn and be able to speak more than two languages and pride the country to the globe with their love for knowledge and curiosity to go deeper in the wish to be a world’s most influential country someday

45. Beauty has to be the most dazzling factor that humans are about and Zambians have to be one of the rich countries in line with the Women! Zambian’s have beautiful women that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles and signatures.  Zambians have the beautiful in and out, the beautiful inwards, outwards and honest, smart, hardworking, all in one package and more that any man on earth can find their love in this country.

46  We are a social nation, like times we all meet at beer festivals-Oh yes, A Zambian and his beer- and also when we meet at one place for organized prayer to our nation, as it is a Christian Nation. This does not mean we never differ but it means we know when we just have to let it go because the price of hatred is too heavy and expensive for any of us or us all

Namushi Mwananyambe loves Zambia because :

47.Our politicians are the best comedians on earth! It’s free entertainment all round.. Anyone who takes them seriously will instantly get high blood pressure. However, if one takes them for the comedians that most of them are, you’ll find that they are indeed a very funny bunch

48 We have rejected to use or grow our food using GMOs.. Therefore our agricultural produce has an amazing taste and is good for our health

49. Our traffic jam street hawkers & bus conductors are the most amusing people you’ll ever find.. They take it upon themselves to make anyone looking gloomy or deep in thought to laugh and have a light moment.

50. We have amazing climate! Our country has the perfect weather every season.. It’s cold but never freezing in winter, it’s hot but not desert hot in summer and our rain season is not subjected to harsh wet monsoon conditions..

51. We have Kitwe prophets.. Lmao.. These guys are world class magicians in need of proper stages to show case their magic tricks.. Cris Angel can learn a lot from our guys.

read Namushi’s blog post about saving tips: Hello Piggy,(suggested by yours truly) on his blog site 

To end this all reason 52 should really be our love for great poets like Bharti , here’s a taste of what you’ll find on his blog

Bhartispeaks24’s :

I see these colours, As peace in my country hovers,

Thank you mother Zambia for these beautiful sons and daughters.

Today we pay homage to our country like soldiers.

In the dawns of 1964 the journey began, Looking back we see the race we have ran,

We are yet to reach our destiny, But Everyday we strive to get there by upholding our democracy.

My tribe is Zambian, Different origins but one as Africans, We Sing and Rejoice!!

One people with one Voice. 51 years of great History, I am proud to be part of this great story, To God be the Glory…..


Original concept by Afro Ginger: a special thanks to all the bloggers who participated  you took time out of your schedules to be a part of this. I love you guys, remember that when I twar with one of you. Peace and Love 🙂

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  1. oliyeaaahh says:

    free entertainment from our politicians… awesome stuff this

  2. mulos says:

    Didn’t know we had many foodies, food features in 3 of the bloggers.

    One Zambia One Nation, one of the greatest countries to live in

  3. Eddie says:

    “17. If Zambians have never called you a Satanist, you are not working hard.”
    So true, I am a stingy satanist apparently. Got mad love for Zambia

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