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“I Have a Boyfriend”

“I’m sorry, I have a Boyfriend.”

I’m not gloating, I don’t do that. As a woman I cannot count how many times I’ve used this line to avoid being propositioned online or face to face . A lot of the times I’ve said this its been a complete lie (boo-hoo,sue me) Experience has taught me that telling the truth gets me accused of leading someone on or worse “offending” with the following responses:Read More »“I Have a Boyfriend”

The Untamed Green-eyed Monster

This post comes to you courtesy of my Twitter and Facebook timelines. I understand that social media is a means to communicate and express oneself but lately the jealousy, bitterness and envy has become untamed.  It is a natural human reaction to dislike what we are ignorant about, or what is different from us. I strongly believe that all the energy we spend hating people… Read More »The Untamed Green-eyed Monster

Bred Winner!!!

No typo in the title.  On Friday 21st March 2014, the 2013 Born and Bred awards took place(confusing, I know) at the Government Complex in Lusaka. The award is the spawn of the live TV show, Born and Bred where case new music videos get nationwide coverage  and viewers phone in and decide whether their particular song was a“hit or miss”

The focus of this post isn’t really about the artists who won or lost, but more on the brains behind the operation. Who is he you ask? A “Not So Smooth Operator “or “The Smooth Icky” (e.g eeeew that’s icky!!)  I like  to call  The Bred Winner seeing as he created it (even though there is a British TV show with the same name) clearly someone didn’t google it when he was coming up with the title (not smooth)

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The Real F Word

Everyone loves a good swear word. the F word I refer to in the title is
Feminism. how could it possibly be a swear word? Some people find it offensive, and believe it or not some of the people are women. So if I offend you, good at least you’re paying attention. I regard myself a feminist. I know if I go marching in the streets alone screaming for equal rights I’m going straight to a mental hospital. There’s already a rumour going round that I have a few screws loose wont help my case. I see myself more as a realistic feminist. Here is what I think that means:

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Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds)

Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds) This is long overdue. My inbox is filled with questions, accusations and explanations from women after my last post  5 Ways Ladies can Forget about Seconds! . I’ve been called names like traitor, sell out and self hater…Ladies I never do anything without a long-term vision.I got you. I’ve taken into account all your contributions and joined them with my experience. I hope the men understand your explanations and I hope mine get to Douche Bag Central

Disclaimer: all my experiences are factual  I can’t speak for the other contributors. 

its International Women’s Day this Saturday, therefore Afro Ginger will be celebrating by theoretically burning bras all week.Read More »Let Me Explain..(Reaction to Forget Seconds)

5 ways Ladies Can forget about Having Seconds

5 ways Ladies Can forget about Having Seconds Get your mind out of the gutter this is a dating post.Yes people a dating post. Roll your eyes all you want. I went ahead and asked some of my Zambian male friends what really ticks them off on a 1st date. What would make them not ask you out on a 2nd date. I’m not here to judge the men’s intentions when they ask you out, only they know that. Most guys don’t talk about their feelings and will probably act like perfect gentlemen and not say a word about your behavior. I however, have no issues calling you out on your bullshit.
So I’ve summarized  the 5 most common things they all cannot stand.

5 ways Ladies Can forget about Having Seconds

5 ways Ladies Can forget about Having Seconds

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Of Starers: It’s Typical Monday morning, on my way to work. I’ve got my whole “serious boss lady outfit” on.  Mentally planning how I’m going to dominate the weekly staff meeting and pitch my ideas. Not particularly a morning person, my mood is surprisingly cheerful for half past seven. Pharrell’s “Happy” playing through my headsets is probably the reason for is. I haven’t once made my impatient you’re going –to- make- us- late call to my work mate.Read More »Starers