Bred Winner!!!

No typo in the title.  On Friday 21st March 2014, the 2013 Born and Bred awards took place(confusing, I know) at the Government Complex in Lusaka. The award is the spawn of the live TV show, Born and Bred where case new music videos get nationwide coverage  and viewers phone in and decide whether their particular song was a“hit or miss”

The focus of this post isn’t really about the artists who won or lost, but more on the brains behind the operation. Who is he you ask? A “Not So Smooth Operator “or “The Smooth Icky” (e.g eeeew that’s icky!!)  I like  to call  The Bred Winner seeing as he created it (even though there is a British TV show with the same name) clearly someone didn’t google it when he was coming up with the title (not smooth)

This year’s (last year’s, this is still confusing) awards show was a step up from the 2011 show where I was physically restrained from gouging my eyes out with a spoon. No pat on the back from me. Should a bred/bread-winner be given praise for finally paying a little  attention to their creation? It should have been a Milli Vanilli tribute with all the lip syncing and gender ambiguity on stage.

One would think the awards would be good exposure for upcoming artists to get recognized but it isn’t as black and white as we think it is. Let’s say you’re a budding new artist, maybe you don’t have a music video yet, but you got some radio play and somehow you got invited to watch the awards ceremony.So you make it to the red carpet and you’re thinking you got your big break  and you’ll finally get enough exposure from that one single you have out. Wrong! Unfortunately the only media other than our not so beloved national broadcaster (which had no information  on their website about the awards because their site was hacked, again) is Exclusive Zambian Magazine as they had “exclusive access” to the red carpet, a quick check on their twitter page showed just how little attention they paid to detail. (surprise, surprise their website doesn’t work either and they don’t even have a blog site, which is free). It came to my attention that Bred Winner’s staff prevented other media from interviewing artists on the red carpet. Media companies such as Zambian Music Charts and The Global Zambian (brands with a higher standards and with functioning websites). Both media houses admitted that the Zambian Music Awards staff conducted themselves in a more professional manner than those at the Born and Bred awards.

The saying “It takes a village to raise a child”  comes to mind. In this case as the Bred Winner is clearly losing because he lacks the courage to seek advice from others. Perhaps hiring an events management company to do the thinking for him will help. I’m sure they could tell him what year it is or at least prevent him from being a year late.  Just imagine, they could cure his phobia of quality!

There are teenagers somewhere in the country praising their organizational skills as they can organize variety shows of a higher standard than the Born and Bred Awards .





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13 Responses

  1. reader says:

    Great piece. Almost criticised but then remembered that the article is about the organiser and not the event. Though it wouldn’t hurt mentioning that you should have mentioned the hideous stage they put up.

  2. they call me round one says:

    Let’s add on about the show too because the ‘bred winner’ has really found a way to mess things up for everyone. Sound – sh*t, lighting – sh*t, video – sh*t but the miming was on point (surprise freaking surprise). He needs to be fired or have his whole brain whipped clean of his low standards and chappy ideas

  3. be@zquin says:

    U knw after seeing the ZMA’s I had no excuse 4 the b n b awards I owez used to say we ll get ther. IK needs to step up n I mean last year. Gosh. No! Big ups to the brains behind ZMA. N who the eff locks out media at an event like that psssh.

  4. born losers says:

    i expected you to dissect the entire awards ceremony,including how they do the voting,the number of categories,why a video awards shud have a category called “best radio 4 song”

  5. icky indeed says:

    The profile of the presenters,why wud i value an award given to me by caristo chitamfyas son?

  6. dead nbc says:

    Since wen did marian chigwedere become a celebrity/person with high standing in society?

  7. zed music lover says:

    Those awards suffer frm identity crisis,are they for znbc/IK n his friends at deadnbc or for the artists who produce the videos?

  8. chansa says:

    its come to my attention that they did use an events management company, so whats their excuse?

  9. Lengi says:

    B & B should get lessons from ZMA. Seriously, there is no way u can let 1 person b incharge of organising, we know he was da brains behind da show but he shuouldnt be doing the awards. let them get professionals for dat!!!!!! and just because znbc owns da show does not mean they shud shoot it, da pic was bad

  10. milo says:

    kwakwakwa ok Chansa,the days i read your tuma blogs my days are made. Good piece. More shocking is the fact the whole thing was the brain child of that kama creepy manchild. well one day we will get there…(trying to be positive)

  11. prettyface says:

    Fun piece. Well I can only say I liked th presenter atience n christy whr on point n so were their outfits. As for the rest th events company should fire itself. I organised beta events wit no moni.

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