Drives you Crazy

This blog post is brought to you with the courtesy word of crazy, or what people I know call crazy. I’m called crazy a lot,  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been called crazy, I’d be on some Forbes’s richest under 30 list, seriously though it’s ridiculous. It’s reached a point where I thought the definition of the word crazy has changed… Read More »Drives you Crazy

Women’s Day giveaway!!!

8th march  is International Women’s Day, and like I mentioned yesterday I’ll be co-hosting a giveaway with JaeJae of  JaeJaeBlogsss it’s limited to our Zambian followers only, we know some women will be in Zambia will be marching in the scorching sun or the pouring rain, so we are giving away free makeup and makeovers. This is our way of giving back to all of you… Read More »Women’s Day giveaway!!!

1St Blog Anniversary

It’s been  slightly over a year since I wrote my 1st post, back when I didn’t have a logo or a Facebook page.  I thought I would reach 20 of my friends, we’d have a laugh and that would be it. We’ve made some friends, some enemies, so here’s thanking all of you for sticking with us through typos, award nominations,  twitter wars. There’ll be a serious house… Read More »1St Blog Anniversary

Familiar Ways

It’s that time of the year again. The fireworks are over, well for most of us (except those annoying few people who still think its okay to light them during the day). Christmas is gone and Santa, black or white (another post for another day) is in the North Pole. It’s also time for some of us to fool ourselves with resolutions that won’t go… Read More »Familiar Ways

What’s That Smell ?

“Mum, what’s that smell?”

My three-year old daughter always asks questions you’re probably already thinking about. she asked me that question a couple of weeks ago when we were in Kitwe Town Centre. I knew what she was talking about, however at her age I don’t think she’s quite mastered how to never ever breathe in through your nose when in town centre.Read More »What’s That Smell ?

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the middle (ginger thoughts) Ever been on long distance public transportation and wondered if the people you’re stuck with for hours get paid to get on your last nerve? If you answered yes to this question, I’ll share with you situations that have happened to me, none of this is fiction, and these are thoughts that have actually crossed my mind more than… Read More »Stuck in the Middle