Great Expectations (weekly challenge)


This week’s writing challenge from The Daily Post on WordPress is about great expectations. I’m supposed to write about expectations I have for myself or what expectations I should imagine myself achieving. No matter how many times I tell myself to expect nothing, the optimist in me expects something different I’ve listed down a few events, some are re-occurring but I’m working on that. 

Expectation: Open crisps expecting more crisps than the last time I opened a packet.

Reality: One word. Lay’s. Need I say more…I always need more than one packet.

Expectation: That the burger I order will look exactly like the picture on the menu.

Reality: I’m not naming names..yet. Looks don’t seem to matter to some takeaways

Expectation: That a call from 505, 555, 339, 4297, 4338…i could go on;won’t be a voice recording.

Reality: I’ve earned a PhD in call screening.

Expectation: No one will talk to me on a public bus or while standing in line at the ATM queue, if I have my headsets on.

Reality: Someone taps my shoulder and ask me where I’m going or what I’m doing there.

Expectation: The shop attendant at the grocery/clothing store will be cheerful and pleasant to talk to

Reality: speaks to me in their “confidential voice” and doesn’t bother looking at me.

Expectation: The universal greeting of a handshake should suffice. The weather is at least 32⁰C

Reality: I stick my right hand out and as luck would have it I get hugged, not once no, twice.  As if one side of the huggist’s sweat wasn’t enough. With all that DNA they’ve left on me I could easily be implicated of a crime.


Writing this post made me realize that most of my previous articles revolve around the expectations and reality,  We all have expectations, different ones clearly. Mine will probably seem unrealistic to some, but they give me something to write about.



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7 Responses

  1. Yande says:

    Your expectations are what define you……

  2. milo says:

    funny one this one,can relate to 99% for sho

  3. bravo!! says:

    nice one AG, i was expecting you to write about those 1st dates..kekeke

  4. mweemba says:

    Headsets/Earphones placed in ones ears are suppose to be a loud enough statement to the surrounding world that “Hey,I can see you around me but guess what,I would rather listen to silence than hear a single word you’ve to say” ,but nooo everyone wants to be heard.tsk tsk .

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