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Bearded Chef Zambia: Cathy’s Creatives

Brand: Bearded Chef Name: Chitivwa Zimba Location : Bradford, UK /Lusaka, Zambia Facebook Comments

cathys creatives

Introducing Cathy’s Creatives

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” -Franklin D Roosevelt “They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”  Kurt Cobain Facebook Comments


  You know I mean business when I’m ignoring my SEO recommendations and just write. Just like your MCM and WCW, I’m gonna be as basic as humanly possible. Colour Fest 2017 by H#ashtag Entertainment on 3rd June 2017 at Mindolo Dam Kitwe, Zambia Let’s start from the very beginning, […]

short term memory loss

Amnesia Adventres

Amnesia While amnesia is a medical condition, it is the closest word I can use to describe what I go through. I don’t know  this happens to any one else or just to me. It feels like the older I get the more I forget people I met maybe 5-10 […]

apologizing: Sorry, not Sorry

Apologizing in advance, yes yet another list. sorry, I am not sorry Here are the facts, no alternatives. Facebook Comments

V is for Vicarious

welcome If you’re reading this congratulations, you survived the year we should never ever talk about. Ever. This is officially my 1st post since moving from Misadventures of Afro Ginger so if you still want to read the older posts you can still find them here in the archives. Now this […]


Ginger & Honey

Similar to my list of requirements post. This post is inspired by my most often asked question the past few months.   “Why are you single?”


Declaration of Love

I think , no I’m pretty sure that I’m in love   Y’all are not ready Facebook Comments


51 Reasons Why We Love Zambia (Zambian Bloggers Special)

Hello world, Zambia is celebrating 51 years of independence a few Zambian bloggers have come together to show you and to remind Zambians that with load shedding and an unstable currency we still have a lot to love about this 752,614 km² piece of land in Southern Africa Facebook Comments


Shall not live by Bred alone

Oh My You’ll never guess what? Last night was the 2014-2015 Born and Bred awards. The weather is getting hot and I’m bringing the shade. Facebook Comments